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Pastor Jean-Claude Kabongo, Word Empowerment Church
It was a great pleasure to work with Evangelist Rev. Anthony Dee in the area of Evangelism.... Souls have been won, lives transformed, healing and miracles took place during worship service and all glory and honor was given unto God. We are looking forward to continuously working together to advance the Kingdom of God on earth and preaching the gospel.


Missionary Evangelist Daniel King, King Ministries International
I am impressed with Evangelist Anthony's passion for reaching the lost and praying for the sick. He has a true evangelistic calling on his life. I recommend him as a minister to any church or organization that wants to lead people to Jesus. King Ministries Int


Pastor Tommy and Rebecca Nunn, New Life Assemblies of God
Evangelist Anthony has a powerful ministry of healing that I have seen firsthand in my own family. Through his ministry God has healed my wife of back problems that had plagued her for some time. As she felt her leg grow out, the pain in her back completely left and has not returned. Her chiropractor has begun asking her questions about her relationship with God because of the evident healing in her body. I heartily endorse and support Evangelist Anthony Dee in the ministry God has called him into.


Bishop Jeremiah Mdlalose, Pastor to the Zulu Royal Family
Evangelist Anthony Dee Ministries has been a blessing to the Zulu Nation in South Africa. God used Rev. Dee in a special way in the healing ministry. Rev. Dee impacted many lives in Zululand, South Africa when he made a mission trip to South Africa... I therefore, endorse ADM to any church or organization around the World.


Pastor Michael Cole, Christ For the Nations Institute
It is my great pleasure to highly recommend Evangelist Anthony Dee as minister of the Gospel. Evangelist Anthony's biblical approach to evangelism and discipleship is refreshing. As a pastor, I rejoice to see the integrity restored to the ministry of the evangelist.... As a young man, I have seen Evangelist Anthony position himself under the covering of Heartland World Ministries Church with Pastor Steve Hill as well as voluntarily provide a system of accountability to that church when he travels.... I strongly encourage you to have Evangelist Anthony serve at your ministry.

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